In order to be your best on the outside, you must feel your best on the inside.  I believe in working on mindset and fitness at the same time. Think about when you felt your best in life. Wasn’t it when you felt both emotionally and physically strong?

I am ACE Certified as a Personal Trainer and have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. When we work together you will see how awesome these things work together. I am excited to be your Personal Trainer to help you become mentally and physically your BEST!

At Laser Focused Fitness, you are committing to a lifestyle of health. You are ready to make the necessary changes that will last a lifetime. You are tired of your weight going up and down. You want to feel positive, healthy and strong from the inside out!

As your Personal Trainer, I am going to get you excited about working out and finding things that you actually enjoy doing. Every person I work with I customize a plan. I will take the time to learn about you and develop the very best plan for you.

I developed Laser Focused Fitness to train you inside your home, outside or virtually! No commute! No crowded gyms!

Now doesn’t that sounds like a beautiful thing? I am ready to take you under my wing, us get together a Laser Focused plan for you and get working with you!


Cynthia Bazin


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